2016 Peachtree Village International Film Festival



It was an honor to be selected as a finalist in the 2016 Peachtree Village International Film Festival.  A live table read for Westbound was held at the South West Arts Center in Atlanta, where Jacques Buckingham, Otis Jackson and Jerrica Roy – all professional actors, breathed life into words. I networked with and met fellow writers, filmmakers, actors and comedians.

The festivities concluded with an awards ceremony honoring legends in the entertainment industry, Obba Babatumbe and Barbara Nivens.

IMG_6925 The crowd was astounded to learn Barbara Nivens’ age and her long history in television and film.  When Mr. Babatumbe spoke, his soft well-spoken words resounded off the walls and into our hearts.  They both were gracious recipients and people who embraced a crowd of fans.

It was indeed a spectacular night and although I did not walk away the Big Kahuna, I am by far a richer person for the experience.  Thank you Peachtree Village International Film Festival.  I had a blast!!!!



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